After-sales service – Raidillon Watches

Client Service

Our goal is to ensure that all our clients can wear their Raidillon every day and for decades and because of that, we need to provide the best service possible.
Our watchmakers will give the best service and treatment to your watch while your timepiece is under our care.

If your watch needs to be repaired, you can find our closest store or one of our retailers with our store locator
Alternatively, you may also contact us by email or phone for instructions on how to send your watch directly to our service center.

Service is extremely important, as lubricants do dry or congeal over time and mechanical pieces wear. An overhaul is a long process that is done
mostly manually for long hours. A complete maintenance for an automatic watch varies between 3 and 6 weeks.

Mechanical Raidillon timepieces are guaranteed for 3 years.

All of our timepieces are Swiss-Made.
James, our watchmaker, during his work.
Raidillon's warranty is 3 years on all the models.

Instructions Guide

Download here our instructions guide to understand how your mechanical watch works.

Available in French, English, Deutsch, Spanish, Chinese, and German.

How to take care of my Raidillon watch?

1. Our watches are resistant up to 10ATM in a static position. However, if your watch has not done a check-up or a complete overhaul
since more than a year, there is a high risk of your watch not being resistant anymore.
Damages by water occurring to watches that have not completed a complete overhaul or a tightness check
since less than a year are not covered by our warranty.

2. Wind your watch at least once per month, with approximately 40 turns.
Do not wind your watch on your wrist or above hard surfaces for safety.

3. Clean it with a dry soft brush (never with soap or water) every 2 to 3 months to ensure that
dust and other particles do not get stuck on the watch.

4. Do not push your watch to its limits. Extreme sports, tennis, golf, ... are dangerous
for the mechanism inside the watch and can damage it.

What is included in a complete overhaul?

A complete overhaul is a complex, largely manual task that takes several hours.
Our specialist completely dismantles the movement, cleans the different parts, repairs, and reassembles the timepiece.

Raidillon's overhaul includes the following controls and check-ups:

1. Leak and air tightness check

2. Control of the joints and replacement of the lubricants

3. Control and adjustment of the power reserve

4. Cleaning of the box and the movement's parts

Raidillon's complete service comes with a 12-month guarantee on this maintenance.

A Valjoux 7750 is inside Raidillon's timepieces.

A closeup of the Valjoux 7750.

More than 100 pieces make the Valjoux 7750.